Plein air painting at Stinson Beach, CA

About the Artist Ronna Fujisawa


Painting is a connection to my natural environment and a discovery of what is real through the act of painting. Watercolor, oil, and mixed media painting is an expression an understanding of myself and how I react to life. These truths are revealed by looking at reality and painting what I see through abstraction.  

I began watercolor painting in Hawaii in 2011.  I find it very versitile.... allowing me to work outside in many locations.  I love painting in the plein air and letting my creativily flow surrounded by nature. I also like to paint at home from photographs that Ive taken when I can't make the journey into the wilderness. 

I recently moved to Portland Oregon where I have found endless inspiration in nature for my painting. I am so excited every day to look outside at the beautiful green trees and changing weather. Ive been painting landscapes for a body of work based on  Forest Park, the largest urban park in the world.  This looser style of painting is something Ive been working on and ultimately want to lean towards abstracting the landscape to express the loose, natural quality of true watercolor. 

I am a recent MFA graduate of Applied Craft and Design program at Pacific Northwest College of Art and Oregon College of Craft and Design. My painting style dramatically changed in graduate school where finding my own voice as a woman, a mother and an artist became essential. Through abstraction based on the patterns of the knitted stitch, feminist values, transformation of materials, emotions, and how woman have changed from generation to generation, my thesis was an act of empowerment through my creative practice.

Today I am focusing my career on being a freelance painter in multi media and art education. 

Please contact me for gallery representation or interest in offering my Childrens art classes at your school, private classes, or birthday parties.


Ronna Fujisawa


phone: (503)-488-9229